MJAFT Founding Member, Albania

Erion Veliaj is a left-wing activist from Albania. He graduated in the US & UK and worked in the Americas and East Africa prior to returning home and committing to activism in the Balkans, where has worked for several international organizations, UN agencies, and the Open Society Institute. From 2003-07 he founded and led the MJAFT (ENOUGH) Movement (www.mjaft.org), young Albania’s active watchdog and protest group and recipient of the 2004 UN Civil society award. In 2007-09 he joined the European Stability Initiative (www.esiweb.org) a key organization promoting EU enlargement. During this time he helped establish AGENDA – a renown Albanian think-tank (www.agendainstitute.org) and later moved into publishing, to co-found MAPO (www.mapo.al) and JAVA (www.revistajava.al) – now two agenda-setting publications in the country. Last year he joined the leadership of the Socialist Party – Albania’s largest political group – as a Secretary for Youth and steering committee member (www.ps.al)