Continue the EFB open space discussions online

The EFB Open Space Workshop was a innovative way to introduce the new technologies in order to create an inspirational event during the EFB meeting in Zagreb (October 11-14). The participants of the EFB Community meeting managed to create their own agenda of the parallel working sessions around different strategic themes, important for the European Fund for the Balkans and its Community.

The result of the initial brainstorming among the working groups gave extraordinary feedback. They were discussing on the following themes, that deserve the special attention and interest for all the affected parties, the representatives from the Western Balkans and the political elites too.

1.What if EU Integration for the Western Balkans fails? What will happen?

2. How to bring the EU youth to the Western Balkans to network and change stereotypes?

3. How can the EU challenge the Turkey’s emerging role in the Western Balkans?

4. Europeanisation of the Balkans or Balkanization of Europe?

5. Future developments for the Civil servants.

6. What can we do to help the reconciliation process of the Balkans?

7. How can the WB import/understand/merge the Nobel prize winning efforts of the EU?

The session were all documented in electronic style-sheets , that will now allow all the participants and other interested in the addressed issues to have a free access to all that came as a result of the sessions. The electronic database is now available for further discussion and comments, that will also keep the EFB Community Network compact and tightly connected for future contribution and development.

The European Fund for the Balkans wants you to be directly involved in shaping the future of EFB Programmes and activities!

So visit the Open Space Workshop online and continue the lively discussions online. The ideas are here to be developed and put in practice.

So, Butterflies and Bumblebees, you are all invited to join us and follow the rule of the Two Feet- “Go to where you are learning and contributing”. Spread the news!