Continue the EFB open space discussions online

The EFB Open Space Workshop was a innovative way to introduce the new technologies in order to create an inspirational event during the EFB meeting in Zagreb (October 11-14). The participants of the EFB Community meeting managed to create their own agenda of the parallel working sessions around different strategic themes, important for the European Fund for the Balkans and its Community. The result of the initial bra
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Powerful new media discussions on the EFB Community Meeting parallel sessions

Many innovations brought by technology have significant effects in the way we live our everyday lives, organize ourselves, share information and react to events that are happening in our societies. The internet allows those who are connected not only to be receivers, but constant generators of information as well. By turning us from passive receivers of information to active producers, sharers and creators of content
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Successful opening of the first EFB Community meeting

The first EFB Community Conference was successfully launched yesterday (Thursday, 11 of October) in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. The 3-day programme that is realized under the motto “People, ideas and Networks” in the period between 11-14 of October, was officially open with the welcome speech of Hedvig Morvai, the Executive director of the European Fund for the Balkans and Knut Neumayer, programme direc
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