About EFB Community Conference

PEOPLE, IDEAS and NETWORKS are what the EFB Community is all about.

Throughout five years of intensive work in the Western Balkans and in the European Union, EFB developed an extensive network of partners, associates and friends who are working jointly for enhancement and development of their societies. With the aim of giving a firm foundation and support to accomplishing this goal EFB established a Community Programme as a platform for networking, communication and collaboration. In order to fulfil its commitment to strengthen the cohesion between its community members, young leaders, public servants, civil society activists, researchers, policy activists, students and professionals from all countries of the Western Balkans, EFB is organizing its first Community Conference in Zagreb.

The EFB Community Conference is for all of you, who showed an interest in working with us and contributing to developing our network!

We want to create the foundation for a strong network of members who will make positive changes in the Western Balkans and beyond.

The conference will offer three days of stimulating discussions and the opportunity to share ideas with popular speakers about the current issues in Europe.

As well as this, modern electronic communication developments and the power of networking will be discussed. The purpose of this event is to help Community members make new contacts that will build stronger and more effective future partnerships in the region.

Organization Team

Hedvig Morvai-Horvat

Executive Director

Branka Panić

Programme Manager

Nataša Smiljanić

Office Manager

Elena Petevska

Programme assistant

Branka Djokovic


Predrag Nikolic

Graphic Designer