20:00 – 21:30 Night Owl – Auction Sessions

Show us what you got!

These sessions are dedicated to you as speakers and moderators. If you wish to discuss topics of particular interest to you, this is right time to do so. Discussions, roundtables, workshops and other formats with EU and WB related topics are welcome!

Three sessions were selected by the EFB selection committee to be presented during the Night Owl Sessions. They will take place consecutively so you will have to choose which one you will attend. The contents and conclusions of all three sessions will be available online after the end of the EFB Community meeting.

1. The European Union Challenges and Western Balkan reality

What you think will more likely happen? The scenario of “About us, without us”, meaning the fail of the European project as the result of the ongoing political, economical and monetary crisis? Or, Europe as an even more successful global player with an ongoing enlargement process and young Europeans aware of a “Here. Now. Us. EUROPE”? Read more here:

Speakers: Ms Irma Zulic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mr Darko Soldat (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mr Ivan Jovetic, (Montenegro), Mr Filip Nelkovski (Macedonia)

2. CrisisPhobia

Something that has united Europe in time of crisis unfortunately is phobia. Because of the lack of trust and economic instability there is distortion of values and civil society relations in and out of EU. As a result occurred the islamophobia, homophobia, nationphobia, migrationphobia, etc. In most of these cases they are seen as the enemies… Read more here:

Speakers: Theodora Matziropoulou (Greece), Daniel Gjokjeski (Macedonia), Lazar Pop Ivanov (Macedonia), Tamara Brankovic (Serbia), Doru Toma (Romania)

3. Is there a common public space in the Balkans?

This is a workshop where participants will be called to reflect on the role CSOs and other actors play in integrating the Balkans in light of the future of European integration. The main question to discuss is whether there is a cross-border public space formed in the region and in what ways this is expressed. Read more here:

Speakers: Konstantna Karydi (Greece), Jelena Beslin (Serbia), Kalterina Shulla (Albania), Ana Babovic(Serbia), Aleksandar Jovanovski (Macedonia)