15:30 – 16:00 Networking Break

“Driven by Optimism – Engines of Change in the Balkans“

Bojan Boskovic: “We had a clear vision of removing the dictatorship in 2000. This is how we started”…”My greatest achievement was the “ability to be over-productive over the course of 15 years, to create a lot of projects, meet crazy people, employ friends and be an inspiration; To improve things; Change things; To make a revolution; To make a movement.”

Erion Veliaj:We deem that free elections are the core and basis of any healthy democracy in the world. They represent accountability through the power of the vote and a hope and promise of effective and honest governance, given that ultimately it is – and it must be – the people that decide who represents their wishes, expectations and dreams.”
Besa Luci: Through Kosovo 2.0, Besa gives voice to Kosovo’s silenced, disenfranchised majority: its young people. Kosovo 2.0 combines the traditional and new media to create a self-sustaining platform for youth to become active participants in their communities. An independent, youth-led media outlet, the initiative publishes a print magazine and manages a robust online presence through which youth post blogs, vlogs, and photo essays. www.kosovotwopointzero.com

And now you have an opportunity to meet them in person!